Work packages

7 Research Strands 

65 work packages for 2011-2012


This project brings together 13 research teams from PRES Sorbonne Paris-Cité. Planned research activities are organized in seven collaborative strands corresponding to areas where the partnering research teams have already got successful results.

The five vertical strands each take on a new challenge, on: (1) Phonetic and phonological complexity boosting empirical approaches; (2) Experimental grammar in a cross-linguistic perspective; (3) Typology and dynamics of linguistic systems; (4) Language representation and processing from a lifespan perspective (5) Computational semantic analysis.

The two transversal strands (Language resources; Experimental methods) allow for the sharing of resources (lexica, corpora, databases), existing methods and platforms. They will foster scientific breakthroughs and innovation through the development of new resources and platforms and corresponding methods and best practice. These transversal strands will play a crucial role for the project as a whole.