Work package 1

Phonetic and phonological complexity (resp. M. Adda-Decker, LPP, Paris3)

  • PPC1 The overall syllable complexity: syllables without vowels and syllables produced by “consonantless children”. (resp A. Rialland): LPP-P3, LPP-P5
  • PPC2 Evolutionary approaches to phonology: new goals, new methods  
(resp. M. Mazaudon
, G. Jacques): LACITO, CRLAO, Llacan, LPP-P3, Sedyl 

  • PPC3 Laryngeal functions and vocal folds in normal and pathological speech : from 
whispering to
 singing (clinical phonetics) (resp L. Crevier-Buchman): LPP-P3, LLF
  • PPC4 The acquisition of phonetics, phonology and prosody in French and English as a SL (resp. B. Kühnert) : LPP-P3 , LLF
  • PPC5 Assessing phonetic and phonological complexity in motoric speech 
disorders. (Resp C. Fougeron): LPP-P3, LPP-P5
  • PPC6 Phonetic speech mining: acoustic and physiological data. (Resp. M. Adda): LPP-P3, LLF
  • PPC7  Prosodic phrasing and prosodic hierarchy : a data driven 
approach. (Resp. E. Delais): LLF,  LPP-P3, LPP-P5
  • PPC8  Phonologic repairs : perception and articulation. (Resp P. Hallé
): LPP-P3, LPNcog
  • PPC9 Distinctive features in the brain, the mouth, and the ear. (Resp R. Ridouane) : LPP-P3, Llacan
  • PPC10 Entrepreneurship. (Resp J. Vaissière) LPP-P3, LLF